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Nitrile Blak PF Disposable Gloves from Proval

Nitrile Blak PF Disposable Gloves from Proval

Nitrile gloves not only help protect our hands from chemical absorption, they also stop skin from drying out from harsh chemical contact.

At Quality Print Supplies we stock a wide selection of press chemicals, many of which are very hazardous for contact with skin due to chemical absorption.  That is why we also stock various types of powder free Nitrile, chemical resistant gloves, so you are covered when using these harmful chemicals.

We already stock two types of Nitrile gloves at QPS;

  1. The first is the trusted Ansell Solvex glove in green, these are durable and heavy duty however they are also cumbersome to work with. They require removal to pick objects up or if you need to write quickly.
  2. The disposable option that is currently available is the Pro-Choice Nitrile gloves in blue, these are thin and easy to put on and rip off. Easy to work in however while they are less cumbersome they also do not provide much grip for finer work.

While many printers are happy to use the trusted Ansell Nitrile gloves that we supply there also many people who prefer the disposable Nitrile gloves.  We have always stocked the blue Prochoice disposable gloves in a box of 100, however many people complain that these gloves while being less cumbersome then the competitions glove, that the thinner gloves also have less grip and are needed to be taken off often at which point a new pair used is needed.

As we are always discussing products with our 50+ suppliers, a few weeks back it came to my attention that a new Nitrile glove has entered the market to address this issue of lack of grip.

I received some to try and the verdict a great, you should love these new Nitrile Blak PF disposable gloves, firstly the colour is now black which is a nice change from the hospital blue of the old disposables.  These gloves seem slightly more durable and the best part is the improved fingertip grips.  The fine rippled grip resembles the same gripping agility of fingerprints so constant glove removal will no longer be necessary.

In this short product demo we look at the new Nitrile Blak PF Disposable Gloves from Proval.